Call for Papers: Share Your Expertise with Our Industry Community

Do you have industry insights, technical training, or innovative new technology that could enlighten our members? We invite you to contribute your insights and research to our 2024 WABE Convention program.

Our Annual Conference’s intimate and informal setting is the perfect opportunity to engage and inform WABE members and the wider media and entertainment technology community.

Why Submit Your Paper? 

Your deep industry knowledge, research and innovations serve as the cornerstone of the WABE Technical Papers conference stream. This is a unique platform to present groundbreaking ideas, share knowledge and foster collaboration across the media and entertainment technology industry.

We are looking for technical presentations in various formats, such as:

  • Stories of local, regional, or national innovation in media and entertainment technology.
  • Project stories showcasing technology solutions for industry challenges.
  • Panel or group discussions on relevant industry topics and the theme of the conference.
  • Learning sessions on technical fundamentals or advancements.
  • Demonstrations of tools and technology appealing to a wide range of technical professionals.
  • Soft skills development for managers, technicians and operators.
  • In-depth case studies.

By contributing your work, you play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our sector, driving forward-thinking discussions, and setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation.


Originality and Novelty: We are in search of unique, groundbreaking research or analyses that steer clear of commercial overtones. Your submission should address current challenges within our industry or provide a forward-looking perspective on its evolution. Submissions of historical reviews will be considered only if they draw significant, pertinent conclusions about future industry trends.

Clarity and Brevity: Your paper should succinctly outline the core innovation or concept. Highlight what is unique, show how it will improve existing systems or practices and explain its background.