The following is a list of our Presidents who served on the executive committee, with the year and the city where that year’s convention was hosted.

2023Vancouver, BCTessa Potter
2022Calgary, ABRob Brown
2021Virtual ConventionRob Brown
2020Virtual ConventionClint Hollinger
2019Calgary, ABClint Hollinger
2018Vancouver, BCBill Stovold
2017EdmontonBill Stovold
2016Calgary, ABMark Crichton
2015Vancouver, BCMark Crichton
2014Edmonton, ABBrian Mayer
2013Vancouver, BCBrian Mayer
2012Calgary, ABBrad Hooper
2011Edmonton, ABBrad Hooper
2010Vancouver, BCLaverne Siemens
2009Calgary, ABLaverne Siemens
2008Victoria, BCPeter Gillespie
2007Edmonton, ABPeter Gillespie
2006Vancouver, BCBrian Gatensby
2005Calgary, ABBrian Gatensby
2004Vancouver, BCLen Virog
2003Edmonton, ABLen Virog
2002Victoria, BCNeil Tegart
2001Winnipeg, MBNeil Tegart
2000Calgary, ABDale Coutts
1999Saskatoon, SKDale Coutts
1998Vancouver, BCRichard Coleman
1997Calgary, ABRichard Coleman
1995Regina, SKBob Urban
1996Edmonton, ABBob Urban
1994Winnipeg, MBBob Hall
1993Saskatoon, SKBob Hall
1992Vancouver, BCJohn Bruins
1991Calgary, ABJohn Bruins
1990Edmonton, ABBill McCambly
1989Regina, SKBill McCambly
1988Winnipeg, MBGeorge Young
1987Saskatoon, SKGeorge Young
1986Vancouver, BCRay Patterson
1985Calgary, ABRay Patterson
1984Edmonton, ABGord Skutle
1983Regina, SKGord Skutle
1982Winnipeg, MBDean Cross
1981Vancouver, BCDean Cross
1980Calgary, ABAlbert Koenderink
1979Edmonton, ABAlberta Koenderink
1978Regina, SKBill McCambly
1977Winnipeg, MBBill McCambly
1976Saskatoon, SKAlex White
1975Vancouver, BCAlex White
1974Calgary, ABSid Gaffney
1973Edmonton, ABSid Gaffney
1972Regina, SKLorne McBride
1971Winnipeg, MBLorne McBride
1970Saskatoon, SKEarle Connor
1969Vancouver, BCEarle Connor
1968Calgary, ABJim D. Roaldes
1965Vancouver, BCLorne McBride
1966Regina, SKArt Chandler
1967Edmonton, ABAlex White
1964Calgary, ABHarry McRae
1963Edmonton, ABErnie Rose
1962Regina, SKDoug Card
1961Calgary, ABFrank Makepeace
1960Saskatoon, SKTom Van Ness
1959Winnipeg, MBHumphrey Davies
1958Edmonton, ABAndy Malowanchuck
1957Regina, SKEarle Connor
1956Vancouver, BCBill Forst
1955Calgary, ABHumphrey Davies
1954Saskatoon, SKLyn Hoskins
1953Edmonton, ABFrank Makepeace
1952Calgary, ABGeorge Chandler
1950Calgary, ABW.F. Doc. Souch