Our Mandate to Educate

Hello WABE members!  As you may know, the WABE constitution clearly outlines the purpose of our organization which put simply, is to educate our members!  Over the years the main forum for education has been provided via our yearly WABE conference.  Way back when, the conference was held in all major cities in Western Canada, but due to reduced attendance in some of the cities, a four city rotation was adopted (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria).  Unfortunately Victoria also proved to be a challenging city to hold the convention in, so we have now adopted a three city rotation.

With this rotation it was obvious to the WABE committee that we would be missing opportunities to educate folks in the cities that our convention didn’t travel to.  In an attempt to reach out to our other WABE members, two educational initiatives were started.  The first was our WABE/SAIT training program.  This program provides outstanding hands-on technical training to Television and Radio broadcast technicians at an extremely cost effective price, in a week long format.  Originally launched in 2004, this program is very popular and well attended.  If you would like additional information on this year’s training program, please visit the WABE ‘Education Update’ page.

The second initiative that WABE launched was to form an Education Committee.  The Committee started out with a single purpose; to bring technical education to the technicians throughout Western Canada.  As the committee met, several other equally important educational goals also became apparent;  the desire to encourage young people to pursue broadcast technology as a career, the desire to expand WABE’s presence in the industry, and the desire to enlarge our membership by expanding into similar under-served areas such as Telcos, Cable, and Production.

The WABE Education committee continues to work on bringing these goals to fruition.  If you have an interest in joining the committee, or would like to offer suggestions, please contact the committee chair, listed in the ‘WABE Education Committee’ section!

Mark Crichton