WABE (The Western Association of Broadcast Engineers) is a registered non-profit society.

WABE’s mission is to empower professional learning through networking, research, and community.

WABE’s Vision is a connected Media and Entertainment Technology Industry and their ideas.

Primary means of achieving this is by the organization of an annual convention at which appropriate technical papers are presented and current media entertainment technologies is exhibited.  The annual convention also provides a venue for technical people to share information and their experiences.

At WABE, we’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of professionals deeply entrenched in the dynamic landscape of media technology. Originating from all over Canada, our community primarily consists of broadcast technicians who have long been the backbone of engineering departments at radio and television stations. However, our community has evolved, now embracing individuals from diverse backgrounds, all united by their involvement in media & entertainment technologies.

With a steadfast commitment to advancing industry knowledge and accessibility, our association focuses on four key domains within the media industry: 

  • Video Systems & Standards 
  • Audio Systems & Standards 
  • Control Systems for Media (including IT) 
  • RF & Distribution Systems encompassing Transmitters & Streaming.

At the core of our mission lie our fundamental values:

Inclusivity – Whether you’re embarking on your journey or are a seasoned industry veteran, if you’re engaged in media technology, you’re an integral part of our community.

Connection –  In an industry often marked by solitude or small team dynamics, WABE provides a vital platform for professionals to forge meaningful connections with like-minded peers.

Education – Given the perpetual evolution of media technology, our unwavering dedication to continuous learning ensures that our members remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Collaboration – it is not who we work for at WABE it’s the work we do that brings us together.

Within our community, a diverse array of roles exists, each playing a pivotal part in shaping the landscape of media technology. From the creative aspects of media creation to the technical intricacies of media production and distribution, every role contributes to our collective growth and progress.

Media technology is not solely confined to broadcast technicians; individuals from various backgrounds and professions interact with and contribute to its development, showcasing a widespread understanding of its workings.

In today’s interconnected world, roles in media creation, production, and distribution often intersect, with individuals in smaller companies taking on multiple responsibilities.