2020 Delegate Registration Now Open! 

You can now register online as a delegate to attend our virtual convention, happening Nov 4th & 5th.  Click the green button above to access the registration website.

(If you are an exhibitor wanting to register, please see the exhibitor registration page.)


Exhibit Hall Hours:

** Subject to change **

Starting on Wed. Nov. 4/20 at 9:30 am MDT the Exhibit Hall will go live with a dedicated interactive hall from 3 pm to 6 pm Nov. 4.

You may visit the Exhibit hall anytime during the virtual convention.


Here are the details on what is included in a delegate attendee registration:

Full Registration


Full Access to the Scarritt Group WABE Virtual Convention Site

  • Exhibit Hall virtual show floor.
  • Access to all WABE paper sessions.
  • Admission to the local November 6th event being organized in select cities.   We call it an Attitude Adjustment and it’s included.


The main education forum that WABE provides is our yearly convention!  The WABE convention rotates through the cities of Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.  Traditionally, the convention is held in the fall each year.  This year due to an unprecedented global pandemic, WABE will be going virtual by deploying our convention on a platform designed by the Scarritt Group.

Working with our cousin organization, the CCBE, we are opening the virtual convention to all that are interested from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria BC.  CCBE is generously offered to be a GOLD sponsor and encourage their membership to attend.

The convention will offer many opportunities to learn!  The backbone of the convention is our trade show, where vendors, manufacturers and suppliers show their newest and most impressive equipment.  In this environment, delegates will get to learn about the newest technical gear, just virtually!  WABE Paper sessions will be featured as an excellent way to learn about upcoming technologies, workflows, methodologies and techniques.  Papers cover a wide range of topics aimed at providing valuable information to television, radio, cable, telco, head-end, and production technicians.   The difference are that these papers will be accessible after the convention is over with credencials supplied when you registered to become a delegate.  Of course, the most fun way to learn is by networking!  We will be co-ordinating social activities at venues in select cities for meeting old friends and making new acquaintances.

You simply can’t get a better deal than WABE.