General Information

The 2020 WABE convention will be held November 4th and 5th.

The venue will be on a VIRTUAL platform

Information about the venue to be announced.

Exhibit Hall Hours:

(**subject to change**)

Wed. Nov. 4/20  –  All Day
Thurs. Nov. 5/20  –  All Day
Fri. Nov. 6/20  –  A potential local event in various cities is being considered.


Wed. Nov. 4/20  –  10 am – 3 pm mountain time
Thurs. Nov. 5/20  – 10 am – 3 pm mountain time


Did you know that anyone can attend the convention for $25 !  Details to be announced. See you there!


Full Delegate – The full registration cost will be $25 for both days of papers, exhibits and the potential for a small social bubble function in various centres. Details about the social function is in an early planning stage and dependant on current Covid19 restrictions in November.  This will be fluid.

Further convention details visit the Delegate Registration page that will also provide a link when the registration site is opened.  (Button Below)

How can you Participate?

Be a delegate – for the virtual convention, attendance and access for 1 year is ONLY $25. The virtual WABE registration desk is now open!