Spring 2021 Presidents Message

Hello WABE friends!

I hope this spring newsletter finds you well and enjoying the warmer days that we so deserve.  I have had my first vaccine shot; I am looking at getting the second in July.  The light at the end of the tunnel is brighter. Between now and the fall bringing teams back from working remotely, having to deal with the different levels of anxiety in returning to the office. Some will embrace it; others may shy from it.  The importance of the broadcast technical team will remain important as we work through that transition.

At WABE as we move through the pandemic have realized the importance of working with other like-minded organizations.  On of those organizations is the SMPTE Toronto Section.  Tony Meerakker from the Toronto chapter has reached out and will be holding their TTC 2021 Technical conference this coming June.  The theme is Media Fast Forward.  This event is totally virtual over a three-day period – June 15, 16 and 17.  I know that SMPTE, broadcasters like Rogers, Corus, Pattison Media along with equipment suppliers are concerned with post secondary education offerings considering the closure of the Broadcast Systems program at SAIT.  WABE engaged the community with a ZOOM meeting and since that time there have been two meetings with SAIT, including one that involved the senior leaders of some broadcast companies.  WABE will be organizing another ZOOM meeting in the next few days to bring you up to date and engaging the industry to help develop a solution.  A separate email will be coming to your inbox on that.

Now to the biggest announcement. As of Friday, the executive has put the final budget and plan together for our 71st WABE conference.   I warmly invite all to come out and “WABE” this November 3rd and 4th.

WABE will once again be teaming up with Scarritt Group to bring you our 2021 Virtual conference.  We were able to work with Scarritt to bring back the instance.  It is a platform we are all familiar with and will not have to relearn.  What we will be able to do is provide a better conference experience, provide a “how to” guide to get the best of the experience.  I can tell you that our Secretary Treasurer Tessa Potter as been working tirelessly in the background developing materials that will enhance your WABE experience and better explain opportunities.  Unlike last year when Clint asked you to come on board based on a wing and a prayer.  The executive has also learned about some additional features to bring more networking opportunities.  It is also looking very good that we will be able to make good on a “in person” meet up in various cities.

On June 1, WABE will start reaching out for sponsorship opportunities.  Past President Clint Hollinger will be leading the charge of the WABE Sponsorship drive.  Kathy, Sarah, and I will be updating the website very shortly with details.

This summer, we will provide the latest updates on partnerships, papers, convention details and more. Please follow social media, keep an eye out in the inbox and check the website as we get ready to learn, virtually network and keep woofers woofing and the tweeters tweeting through the second half of 2021.


Rob Brown

WABE President