2018 Convention Almost Ready, Just Waiting For You!

The 68th annual WABE convention is coming up fast!

It still amazes me that for the past 68 years technical staff from Western Canadian Broadcasters have been getting together every year to see new technology, renew friendships and share knowledge with our colleagues.

I watch our sponsors and venders hauling in equipment and setting up their booths and wonder what it was like to set up a display 68 years ago.  I can just imagine at the 1965 show, a truck pulling up to the hotel and people struggling to unload an Ampex VR-2000 or the latest McCurdy radio console.  I have heard some of the stories from past conventions like the story that couple of engineers almost burned down a hotel in Regina trying to hook up the hotel power to an AM transmitter.

I also can not help thinking what the broadcast industry will look like in 30 years from now.  I am confident that there will still be a WABE and the members of WABE in 2048 will be wondering how we managed to keep our stations running using all that antique equipment.

2018 is an election year for WABE and we would like you to join us at or AGM Tuesday at noon to help select the new Secretary Treasurer.  All WABE members are eligible to vote and run for the position, so take a few minutes to think if you would like to run for the executive and help set the direction of WABE for the next 6 years.  I can tell you from that my last 4 years has been a fantastic experience and helped me to grow professionally.  If you are interested please let me or any member of the executive know.

I truly hope you enjoy the convention, learn a few thing and are able to spend some time renewing friendships with our sponsors, vendors and other WABE members.


Bill Stovold
President WABE