Exhibitor registration for our 2018 convention is now open!

We are pleased to announce that our 68th annual WABE convention will take place in Vancouver, BC, on November 4-6th, 2018!

Exhibitor registration for our 2018 convention is now open! The early bird registration deadline is October 3, 2018. The booths are reserved in order of payment received, so register now for your best choice of booth placement. You can download the registration form and view the floor plan on our website at http://wabe.ca/convention/exhibitors

The convention will take place at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. This new facility will allow us to both stay overnight and attend the convention, all under the same roof! And we are happy to have negotiated a room rate of $179 per night! We highly encourage you to support our efforts to keep the prices of the convention down through booking your accommodations with the Sheraton Vancouver Aiport Hotel. To make a reservation, follow the links on our website at http://wabe.ca/convention/hotel-travel-discounts.

The WABE convention relies heavily on sponsorship dollars to make each convention a success. We would be very appreciative if your company could show your financial support to our sponsorship program to help us continue with our long standing success. There are three levels of sponsorship; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level has its benefits and opportunities for more exposure for your company. Information on becoming a sponsor can be found on our website at http://wabe.ca/sponsorship

If you have not done so yet, please like us on Facebook (WABE) and follow us on Twitter @WABE_Convention for the latest information. We are planning on using social media prior to and during the convention to keep you informed on the latest happenings with the convention.

For further information, please contact Kathy Watson (WABE Office Manager) by email at info@wabe.ca or by phone at (403) 630-4907.

See you in November!